Bind: Paperback | Pages: 120 | ISBN: 9780645547139

Igloo Ripples is the story of the fibreglass Igloos used by expeditioners in Antarctica and other remote regions of the world. The book is written by Anthea Wallhead, whose husband was the original designer and manufacturer of the Igloos.

Based on the diaries kept on every Igloo made, Igloo Ripples describes the places the Igloos were used and the diverse influences of the Igloos on Anthea and her sons’ lives.

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Featured extracts

Shipping to Antarctica

"…Greenpeace members erected the Igloo not far from the French Base near Commonwealth Bay. This was done as a protest against the French building an airstrip which disturbed a penguin colony. I heard that some panels were damaged by a French bulldozer trying to clear the airstrip and these were later replaced. I also heard that the airstrip was never completed, because part of a glacier collapsed on to it. Having sold igloos to both parties and not wanting to jeopardise future sales, we offered no opinion re the airstrip or penguin colony, and both parties did purchase more Igloos later."

A special local sale

"The next Igloo was purchased for display in Hobart’s newest Antarctic attraction, Antarctic Adventure in Salamanca Square. Igloo 115 was a red unit with two sets of extension panels… I still remember helping carry in Igloo panels to its proposed position in the building, while construction was carried out all around us. Dust, noise and spray paint were everywhere, along with tradesmen resentful of our ‘intrusion’. Obviously, the person who arranged delivery of the Igloo did not inform the site manager of our arrival and having to carry individual panels over 50 metres through a very busy worksite was not a good start for Igloo 115."

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An Igloo on the Big Screen

An Igloo Satellite Cabin ("apple hut") will feature as part of a film set in Peking Pictures' upcoming movie 'Yesterday Island'. Keep an eye out for the #iglooripples tag across social media to stay up to date.